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Welcome to the Festive Bumper Edition of the Sage X3 Newsletter!

It is starting to feel a lot like Christmas! What a year 2022 was for us. 2022 has seen us make great strides to deliver a world class solution and customer experience. As I reflect on some of the highlights of the year, we are proud of what we have achieved.

Our strategy has been to make it easier to implement and upgrade Sage X3 and increase the available integrations which saw us invest heavily in our API framework to increase the extensibility of X3 to make it easier to deploy and integrate Sage X3! We have done that and more. On top of this we launched our Automatic Test Platform to accelerate and simplify user acceptance testing and improve the QA process for our customers and partners.

We have further enhanced our Mobile Automation solutions for Manufacturing and Distribution with a new user interface and increasing the functionality, as well as launching Time Sheet capabilities for Project and non-project related activities.

We have also listened to our Partners and Customers and adjusted our Lifecycle Policy and Release cadence to make it easier to migrate and to the latest Release of Sage X3 meaning we will now have a bi-annual release cadence and customers now get 24 months of maintenance.

We have doubled down in the industries where we win with the delivery of essential industry specific capabilities including new functionality supported by rapid implementation processes, data analytics packs and best processes allowing our customers to dominate in their industries, as well as building out our portfolio of targeted ISVs and addons.

Furthermore, we wanted to build our cloud story. The start of the year saw us launch the Sage Partner Cloud for X3 program as well as the Sage Provisioning Portal (SPP) for AWS and as we build out our portfolio this month the launch of SPP for Azure giving our Partners and Customers greater choice.

And of course, one of the biggest changes this year over previous years has been the ability to meet face to face with our Partners and Customers for the first time since before Covid. Being able to meet many of you at our Geo and Global events has reminded me how important the personal touch is.

This has all helped us to deliver double-digit growth in ARR and reduce voluntary customer churn (customer renewals are up as well).

None of this would have been possible without the help of our Partner Ecosystem and I want to thank you all for your efforts, continued support and collaboration.

In this issue we will showcase a couple of the key features of 2022 R4 as well as news and updates from the regions, product and marketing. We will also have the latest updates and news from Learning Services team with information on new courses and learning opportunities. We also have a celebration of successes from around the world with news on latest wins and upsells.

Going into 2023, out priorities are clear, we want to accelerate the work we started around extensibility for X3. My goal for the team is to deliver API extensibility and Mobile Automation tailoring as quickly as possible. Our partners and our customers are asking for this, and we need to deliver. We also want to focus on delivering a new way of experiencing X3. This will mean 2023 will see new dashboards and ways of working with the application. We are going to be reaching out to partners for support in delivering some of the exciting capabilities into the market. If you want to be involved, please reach out to us.

If you need any help or further information, please visit our Portal or reach out to our team who are all on standby to help you.

We would like to wish you all complements of the season. This may mean a Merry Christmas or just a chance to rest and relax with family and friends. Happy New Year! Rest up and relax, reenergize, and get ready for 2023. It is going to be a fantastic year for us.

Be XTreeM in everything!

Product Updates

Sage X3 2022 R4 – Now live and published

A range of assets are now available for Sage X3 2022 R4, this release includes new features which help to simplify tasks and automate processes for the user.

Updated assets can be accessed on the Sales Portal and Partner Hub.

Key features delivered in R4 2022:

Platform Enhancements

· Azure elastic pool support

· ATP license management

· Secured attachments with simplified experience

· GraphQL API framework with extensibility

Mobile Automation

· Success or error messages displayed with sound

· Time sheets for (Mobile Automation for Manufacturing)

Automated Test Platform

· Improved performance, avoid locks when automated tests fail

Sage X3 introduces Microsoft Azure support in the Sage Provisioning Portal (SPP)

To help Partners and Customers on their journey to the cloud, we are pleased to announce the launch of the Sage X3 Sage Provisioning Portal (SPP) for Azure.

Following the launch of the Sage X3 SPP for AWS earlier this year, which supports Partners to swiftly and safely deploy Sage X3 to the cloud in an AWS environment, we have in our latest version of the SPP now enabled our Partners to provision Sage X3 on an instance of Azure.

The Sage Provisioning Portal contains a set of best practice templates, pre-configured options, and a guided journey to help Partners deploy Sage X3 to the cloud and take customers on a digital transformation journey.

The Sage Provisioning Portal dramatically accelerates the time needed to build a cloud solution whilst reducing complexity and ensuring Partners are deploying a secure and a ‘best recipe’ instance of Sage X3.

Please look out for your local events, comms, and visit your Partner Portal website, where you can find a range of supporting collateral and assets, including FAQs, Onboarding Journey, Program Guides and Training Information.

For further information and to find out how you can benefit from the Sage X3 SPP for Azure, please contact your local Sage sales rep.

To give you a taster – please watch the video demo below!!

Sage X3 Lifecycle Policy Update – Now published!
At Sage we are constantly striving to build customer centric solutions that deliver real value and help our customers build resilient businesses. Part of our strategy is to simplify how our Partners and Customers can engage with Sage and enjoy new features and functionality available on a regular basis.
Having received feedback from our Partners and Customers, we are informing you that we are adjusting our release cadence from a quarterly, to a bi-annual cadence of releases for Sage X3 Version 12. This will mean we will make available a new Release of Sage X3 Version 12 every 6 months, instead of the current quarterly release. The first release for 2023 will take place in April (R1), with the second release available in October (R2). This means moving forward we will have a Spring and Fall/Autumn release.
Feedback has been that this will make it easier to manage upgrades and consume new features and functionality, whilst reducing the time required updating environments and testing – of particular importance in controlled and regulated industries. We will continue to publish 12-month roadmaps in advance, however this will now be shared bi-annually.
In addition to adjusting our Release Cadence for Sage X3 V12, we will also be aligning our Lifecycle Policy accordingly. This will mean moving forward we will be offering maintenance on the current Version 12 Release and the previous 3 releases, i.e. N-3.
In practice, this means our customers will now enjoy 24 months maintenance cover, where they previously received 15 months – representing a 60% increase in cover.
Note: Sage X3 will not be extending the maintenance for compatibility with the IBM AIX operating system. For customers using IBM AIX as an operating system, Sage hereby informs you that the maintenance of compatibility between IBM AIX and Sage X3 will be End of Maintenance as per the previously published date of 3rd April 2023.
We are continuing to invest heavily in Sage X3 to take advantage of new technologies and offer new functionality to customers – this change is about how we package them, and then deliver the new releases to market.
We will be sharing further details on this update in the next Partner Roadmap Readout scheduled on the 30th November, if you have not yet registered for this, please click here.
In order to support you, you can now find the full range of supporting assets on your local Partner Hub and Partner portals. This includes:
Sage X3 Lifecycle Policy
Sage X3 Lifecycle Policy Presentation
Sage X3 Lifecycle Policy FAQ’s
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