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Sage 50cloud Pastel Partner

Sage 50cloud Pastel Partner

Sage 50cloud Pastel offers the power and productivity of our trusted desktop solution
and gives you everything you need to run your business wherever you are. Run your business more efficiently with a time-saving, in-depth solution to manage your accounting, invoicing, cash flow, inventory, VAT, and much more.

Why Sage 50cloud Pastel Partner?


Work how, when and where you want with secure cloud access.


Make better, faster decisions with smart performance dashboards and powerful reporting.


Boost productivity with new Sage cloud features.


Sage 50cloud Pastel Partner Key Features

Smart Cloud Connected Accounting Software

Sage 50cloud Pastel is the next generation of Sage Pastel products and is the start of your journey to Sage Business Cloud. With Sage 50cloud Pastel Partner you can expect exciting cloud connected features and functionality that won’t be available in any other Sage accounting products. Sage 50cloud Pastel Partner offers up to twenty users, unlimited company licenses, and cloud connected accounting functionality that every small business needs. And of course, you can rest assured that Sage 50cloud Pastel Partner will give you the tools to stay legislatively compliant.

Direct Bank Feeds

Say goodbye to re-keying payments and breeze through reconciliation routines by connecting Sage 50cloud Pastel Partner directly with your bank account. Watch your transactions flow seamlessly into your accounts as you simply confirm what you want to post or match.

Sage Contact

Stop toggling between Outlook & Sage, Sage 50cloud Pastel Partner syncs your records, contact details, balances, transaction history and documents with Outlook; so no matter where you are (desktop, cloud or mobile) you have all the information you need to quickly & efficiently connect with your customers.

Sage Capture*

Ditch the paper and never lose a receipt again by photographing expenses, invoices or other paperwork with Sage Capture, saving them to One Drive and posting transactions to Sage 50cloud Pastel Partner, all from your mobile or tablet.
*Date of availability is still to be confirmed.

Sage 50cloud Intelligence Reporting

Unleash the power of Sage 50cloud Pastel Partner data into Microsoft Excel, and either build powerful and in-depth reports with our simple drag-and-drop designer or use one of our smart templates; to get a richer, deeper understanding of your business.

Cloud Backup

Stop worrying about taking backups or whether you’ve remembered to take the USB stick home on a weekend – Sage 50cloud Pastel Partner automatically backups up to the cloud and notifies you of any problems. One simple setup and it just works.

Accept Payments From Your Customers

Sage Business Cloud Payments is a safe and easy way for customers to pay you, using a range of simple, secure, and reliable payment solutions. Accept payments online, face-to-face, over the phone, and through invoices with all business-critical features included as standard.

Sage 50cloud Pastel Partner Additional Modules

Sage 50cloud Pastel Point of Sale (POS)

• An affordable, simple and secure payment handling retail solution for small and medium businesses.
• Powerful, yet easy to set-up and operate, Sage 50cloud Pastel Point of Sale (POS) is keyboard friendly for fast processing.
• Simple screens and large display areas make this cashier-based system ideal for any till point.
• Sage 50cloud Pastel Point of Sale (POS) interfaces with most popular barcode scanners, cash drawers and pole displays.
• Once installed and set up, tellers can be trained and working in record time.
• Sage 50cloud Pastel Point of Sale (POS) security features helps prevent potential theft.

Sage 50cloud Pastel Receipting

Sage 50cloud Pastel Receipting is a specialised add-on module for Sage 50cloud Pastel Partner. It allows you to enter data once in order to process and print receipts. You can do this without having to use your cash book. Once you are ready, Sage 50cloud Pastel Receipting will automatically move the receipts into your cash book for you.
• Process and print receipts in one go with Sage 50cloud Pastel Receipting.
• Receipt money against multiple customers, suppliers or general ledger accounts per receipt.
• Customise receipt layout (create a receipt template or receipt sample).
• Enter post dated cheques or credit card entries.
• Process discounts at the time of receipt.
• Use analysis codes when invoicing customers and specify separate General Ledger accounts per analysis code.
• Enter cost codes per line.
• EFT Payments are catered for.

Sage 50cloud Pastel Project Tracker

project income statements can be a nightmare to prepare – especially when you have multiple projects on the go.
The Sage 50cloud Pastel Project Tracker allows you to manage your projects, associated budgets and costs while providing in-depth reporting keeping you in control of each project’s financial position.
• Reporting groups linked to various cost codes.
• Enhanced budget creation per project.
• Income statements per project.
• Allocation of expenses and income per transaction per project.
• Linking invoices and GRV’s to projects.

Sage 50cloud Pastel Time and Billing

With the Time and Billing add-on module to Sage 50cloud Pastel Partner accounting software, simply complete timesheets for employees and charge your customers via activities. The activities that you create are the services you sell to your customers. These activities per employee timesheets can be used to create customer invoices.
• Chargeable and non-chargeable activity codes.
• Linking activities to, and tracking employees.
• Enter timesheets per employee.
• You can select a customer and an activity, in each timesheet line.
• Create invoices from timesheets.
• Use of cost codes to allocate costs and revenues to areas such as jobs, sales people, departments or any other grouping allowing you to track costs or revenues.

Sage 50cloud Pastel Bill of Materials

Together with the Inventory module, the Sage 50cloud Pastel Bill of Materials module gives you access to two related functions: bill of materials and kit item codes. With this module, you can build, assemble, or manufacture any inventory item using other inventory items as parts or components. The kit item codes allow for the specification of one code on an invoice, and the system leads multiple invoice lines that can include inventory items and remark lines. You can also create bills of materials or kit item codes with an
unlimited number of components.
Up to three non-inventory additional costs associated with the bill of materials can be created, for example, labour, freight and overhead costs, or if you are a manufacturer, you can remove component
items and create manufactured items.

Sage 50cloud Pastel Debtors Manager

This module helps you to optimise your collections process, and generate up to date and accurate cash flow forecasts from your debtor’s book.

  • Instantly link your notes and the age analysis balances in a single report.
  • Create daily call back reminders and action lists for easy follow-up.
  • Track all outstanding invoices.
  • For every outstanding invoice you will know:
    • Why it is outstanding?
    • When it will be paid?
    • What has been done to collect it, and what actions you should take?
  • Select from a menu of up-to-date and accurate cash flow reports.
  • Drill down and get reconciliation’s of invoices outstanding per aging category per customer.
  • Email clear and concise payment reminders for every single overdue invoice per customer.
Sage 50cloud Pastel Multi-Warehousing

Working with multiple stores is almost identical to working with normal inventory or stock. The only difference is that, each time you want to access an inventory item, you specify the store in which the item exists. Sage 50cloud Pastel Multi-Warehousing makes it easy to track and control inventory items.
Some of the features include:
• Set-up and use multiple stores or warehouses.
• Ability to link users to one or more stores and prevent users from accessing items in other stores.
• Create up to 999 stores with an unlimited number of inventory items per store.
• The same inventory item code can exist in different stores and will share all item fields except quantities, cost prices, selling prices and reorder information.
• Ability to copy selling prices from one store to another, per item per store.
• Ability to transfer items between stores using a store transfer journal.
• Inventory reports will allow you to filter on stores.

Sage 50cloud Pastel Serial Number Tracking

Sage 50cloud Pastel Serial Number Tracking allows you to track items from the moment you purchase or manufacture them, to the time you sell them. With this stock control software module, each item has its own unique serial number, enabling you to track the item for warranty purposes, should it be returned to you for
Use Sage 50cloud Pastel Serial Number Tracking with other add-on modules like Sage 50cloud Pastel Multi-Stores / Warehousing and Sage 50cloud Pastel Bill of Materials. By using the multi-stores /
warehousing module, you can transfer serialised inventory items between stores, and our bill of materials module, allows you to manufacture into serialised items.

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Sage 50cloud Pastel Partner is here to help you manage; point of sale, receipt, track projects, bill of materials and many more…

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