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Sage X3

What is Sage ERP X3?

Sage Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Business Cloud X3 is the most powerful and flexible business management solution when it comes to ERP & Finance. Therefore, the  solution empowers mid-sized to larger companies within the manufacturing and distribution industries with the ability to grow a competitive business. Most importantly, even with limited IT resources.
The ERP solution provides industry-leading usability that includes all business processes. Its compact software design supports an industry’s specific processes. For instance, it provides end-to-end visibility across finance, sales, customer service, purchasing, inventory and manufacturing operations.
Consequently, the X3 ERP solution enables you to manage your business growth in an essentially more efficient manner. Thus, this results in reduction of  costs, delighting your customers, and outdoing the competition.

Faster: Quickens your entire business process. From procurement to production, storage, sales, customer service and financial management. As a result, it delivers faster understanding into costs and performance at every step, on a global scale.

Simpler: First, the business ERP solution  adapts to users’ unique role, options and workflow. Secondly, it delivers secure cloud and mobile access to the data they need.  Lastly, it simplifies the management of your company software systems with one firm suite of applications.

Flexible: Offers flexible configuration options and applications to support your industry-specific processes and can be operated. Consequently, this gives  you total control over your IT plan.


Sage X3 Product Capabilities

Visibility for Better Decisions

Sage ERP X3 provides a clear view of your business operations. In other words, it strengthens business leaders to focus on exceptions, accurately assess risks, and make faster decisions.

Velocity to Keep Pace With Market Demands

The ERP X3 provides a better, faster way to manage all your important business functions.  In short, it helps in automating workflow and enabling you to improve productivity in ways only best-in-class solutions can. In addition, the powerful process automation and management capabilities of Sage ERP X3 adapt to your needs, creating a natural flow of work both within the organization and with partners.

By connecting your business, you can manage its growth more effectively, in additon to controlling your bottom line, keeping up with demand, getting to market quickly and continuing to delight your customers.

Simplicity to Eliminate Unnecessary Work and Waste

This business ERP solution tames the complexity of doing business by simplyfiying collaboration across all business operations and enabling employees to rapidly address any challenge that may arise.

Put quite simply, Sage ERP X3 delivers more of what you need performance, insights, and scalability.

Moreover, it offers less of what you do not: complexity, tricky customizations, and high overhead costs.

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Sage X3: Readying for Your Industry


Boost your supply chain and reduce costs

Improve visibility and control across your supply chain, improving purchase conditions and margins, and enabling a mobile sales force.


Supply Chain




Sales and Marketing


Warehouse and Inventory




Boost process cycle times and control quality

Solution manages your whole manufacturing operation faster and more effectively. From procurement and scheduling to shop floor, inventory, sales and financials.

As a result, this provides better understanding on quality and costs to promote strategic partnership and improved operational efficiency.


High Tech


Industrial Equipment


Medical Services


Metal Fabrication


Be more responsive, retain customers and control costs

Accurate project management, real-time insights on mobile devices and simplified accounting.


Multiple Project Templates


Automatic Calculation of a Suggested Price


Multiple Invoicing Methods


Full Project Management Lifecycle


Budget Forecast per Task and Project


Record of All Project Reviews and Adjustments

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The ERP that’s changing how businesses compete and grow. It does this by delivering faster, simpler and flexible financial, supply chain and production management, at a fraction of the cost and complexity of typical ERP systems.

With Sage X3, you are choosing the next generation business management solution for your enterprise to grow faster and run an agile organisation.

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