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Asset Tagging

Keep Track Of Your Assets

Asset Tagging Services From Gravity Solutions Limited,Kenya

Gravity Solutions Limited offers you a complete Asset Tracking System tailored for you.

Gravity Solutions Limited provides asset verification and tagging services to organizations across all industries as the first step to implement Enterprise Asset Management.

This helps in knowing exactly what assets you currently have, where these assets are located and how these assets are changing over time, and allows a company to keep track of details of each fixed asset, ensuring control and preventing misappropriation of assets.

Why Tag Your Assets?
  •  Identify owned assets quickly and easily with visual inspection.
  •  Track serial or model numbers efficiently with barcode stickers.
  •  Save time and money in duplication of assets between departments.
  •  Increased security with regular tracking & monitoring.
  •  Reduction of theft with visual identification of assets with security labels.
  •  Monitor asset movement between locations.
  •  Compliance with insurance or government regulations.
  •  Track useful life of assets and depreciation schedules.
  •  Schedule maintenance, service and replacement of owned assets.
Common Uses for Asset Tags


Precise control over medical equipment, supplies, medications and other physical assets is essential to day-to-day operations in a healthcare provider’s office or facility. Using products like Camcode’s Two-Part Asset Labels, medical staff can easily track the use of assets, document specific assets and medications used for a single patient and re-order essential supplies with ease.


Government entities use asset tags for everything from monitoring office equipment to maintaining a database of external assets, such as street signs, for regular repair, maintenance and future planning.


Inventory control is the driving force behind the warehouse industry. Eliminate excess stock, streamline ordering and deliveries and improve your bottom line with asset tracking.


Educational institutions have a wide variety of assets which must be tracked and managed. A/V equipment, for example, can be easily tracked, assigned and controlled using asset tracking labels.

Telecom and Cable:

The telecom and cable industries have a widespread set of external assets they’re accountable for keeping in good working order. Asset identification tags help telecom and cable companies improve efficiency in response to outages and other issues and enable proper maintenance tracking, easy part re-ordering and replacement, and improved overall functioning.


Much like the utility industry, manufacturers have the challenge of tracking assets after exposure to harsh conditions. Camcode’s bar code solutions for manufacturing have been proven to last through both the manufacturing process, as well as remain functional for the life of the product.

Gravity Solutions Asset Tagging Services

Foil Asset Tags From Gravity Solutions, Kenya

Foil Asset Tags

Made of 100% aluminium with graphics sealed into an anodized layer create a remarkably durable asset label. These tags will often outlast your assets.

Foil Asset Tags From Gravity Solutions, Kenya

Rigid Metal Asset Tags

Aluminum Asset Tags are designed with extreme durability to withstand the harshest environments for indoor AND outdoor tracking applications.

Foil Asset Tags From Gravity Solutions, Kenya

Polyester Asset Labels

Polyester Bar Code Labels are designed to clearly mark and identify assets with your company name, asset number and/or bar code.

Foil Asset Tags From Gravity Solutions, Kenya

Tamper-Evident Asset Labels

Designed to prevent tampering and protect against unauthorized transfer. A “VOID” message is revealed the mating surface when it is removed.

Foil Asset Tags From Gravity Solutions, Kenya

Destructible Vinyl Asset Labels

Designed to break apart if separated from its mating surface, making it virtually impossible to remove in one piece; discouraging unauthorized transfers.

Foil Asset Tags From Gravity Solutions, Kenya

Removable Asset Tags

Removable Asset Label is designed for applications requiring a more durable short-term label which can also be cleanly removed or repositioned.

Get More Information on Asset Tagging

Every business has a need to know where each and every physical property it owns is and what exact number they are and where they are located withing the  business premises and branches. This is where tagging comes in. It helps a business to maintain a repository for all its products.

Talk to us, or write us an email below and we’ll ensure every physical purchase is tracked.

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