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What We Do

Gravity Solutions Limited is an experienced and professionally driven company. It offers products and services that drive all sectors of the business world using the latest IT solutions. Most importantly, we have the skills and experience to cater for our business customers in the following products below.

The Latest News in Business and IT 

“Say Goodbye to Passwords: The Rise of Fingerprint Biometrics”

Fingerprint recognition is perhaps the most widely used biometric technology and is often used in mobile devices for unlocking them. It works by analyzing the ridges and valleys on the surface of a...

Do you have a BackUp strategy?

Due to the numerous data threats that our companies' face, we have decided to provide our clients with a IronTree Cloud Based Data Backup solution that is automated and integrated...

Free guide to managing your cash flow

Good cash flow management is essential in every small business if it is to succeed and grow. Our guide includes expert advice and tips to give you the confidence to manage the cash flow in your...

Our Clients

We have satisfactorily served the clients below and many more. We bring the best IT software solutions that enhance and streamline business management and operations.


“When in need of business solutions, we work with Gravity Solutions. It provided the solutions we required to manage resources and help in planning.”


“At KenGen, Gravity Solutions provided the solutions we required. These solutions are used to manage all our assets & keep track of their locations within the organization.”


“Gravity Solutions is always there to ensure our business is up and running by facilitating smooth flow of goods transfer among many of our  warehouses.” 


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