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Sage VIP Premier Payroll & HRM

What is Sage VIP Premier Payroll & HRM?

A coordinated and secure payroll and HRM answer for huge and corporate organizations. Sage VIP Premium Payroll and HRM permits you to tailor your bundle to suit your HR and finance needs.


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 Sage VIP Premier Payroll & HRM delivers a user-friendly design and real-time functionality.

Overview of Sage VIP Premier & HRM

Easy to Use

The continuous interface makes preparing speedier and simpler. It can run situations, include new workers, and print recorded information and payslips.

Payslip Processing Has Never Been Simpler

For costing purposes, you can connect representatives to a wide assortment of components. These include cost focuses, ventures, pay focuses, offices, and so on. Run electronic installment entries in a scope of nearby monetary forms, handle payslips in a chose dialect, and catch subtle elements of installment advantages.

Sage Intelligence Reporting Module

Boost your reporting ability by adding the Sage Intelligence Reporting Module. This  essentially gives you the option of drawing reports from multiple sources for the most up-to-date and relevant data.

No Limit on Users and Companies

Perfect for large and corporate businesses. The Sage VIP Premier Payroll & HRM caters to an unlimited number of users across a range of different companies. As your business grows, simply add new employees, companies, and modules.

Run a Fully Integrated HTM Solution

Sage VIP permits you to join Premier Payroll with Premier HR and Premier Employee Self Service. In this case helps to run an effective, coordinated HRM arrangement.

User-Friendly Report Writing Tool

Utilize the report formats or tweak them to make your own particular reports. To make the reports, you require to remain agreeable with the applicable enactment.

Sage VIP Premier & HRM Key Features


Sage VIP Premier HR

With Sage VIP Premier HR, your people are up front in this incorporated and logical extension of the VIP Premier Payroll framework. It’s worked around your business’ HR duties. It deals with your representatives directly through their entire worker lifecycle.

From occupation arrangements to execution administration, business value consistence, preparing and aptitudes advancement, to progression arranging, and all the worker documentation required all through. VIP Premier HR coordinates every one of these capacities in a streamlined arrangement.


Premier Employee Self Service

Leave handling has never been less demanding, with VIP Premier ESS. Put these easy to use devices in your representatives’ hands. Ii allows them to refresh their profiles, submit leave applications, submit cases and additional time, partake in execution surveys. Additionally, use it to see their payslips and IRP5s on the web. The catch, endorsement and upkeep of worker leave is streamlined, paperless, simple.


Leave Management

What better way to manage your company’s leave administration? Both within the framework of the Basic Conditions of Employment Act (BCEA) and within your own company-specific leave policies. The Leave Management Module empowers you to do this. It is also fully integrated with payroll fields.  Without a doubt, you kill two birds with one stone and eliminate double entries.


Personnel Management (Basic HR)

Embedded in Premier Payroll is the Personnel Management Module. It gives HR management personnel direct and easy access to accurate employee information. This module covers range of HR processes like interviews (and the relevant information to inform them, like career and remuneration history), qualifications, training, and disciplinary actions, and a lot more.


Employment Equity

Get fundamental guidelines on all aspects and laws relating to Employment Equity according to the latest Kenyan legislation, with the VIP Employment Equity Module. Follow the step-by-step processes for implementing Employment Equity, as well as working towards compliance targets and printing the statutory reports (EEA2 and EEA4) required by the Department of Labour.


General Ledger

Save time when it comes to balancing your company’s salary journal, with the VIP General Ledger Module, which allows you to use general ledge account codes and cost centres when allocating salary costs. Integrated with Sage Evolution, 300, X3, SAP, Oracle and Syspro, General Ledger streamlines your accounting functions with HR cost processes.


InfoSlips (Electronic and Mobi Payslips)

For a paperless people management solution, VIP InfoSlips provide your employees with an e-payslip (identical to the VIP paper payslip), which presents an interactive statement. It indicates all their benefits in a user-friendly display. InfoSlips also enable you to communicate in a unique way with employees – allowing you to attach MS Word or Excel documents, and include travel claims, newsletters, and increase notifications, etc. InfoSlips can be conveniently archived in the cloud for seven years and employees can register to access this historical data online.


Intelligence Reporting

Sage VIP Intelligence Reporting will empower you to improve reporting processes across your whole business. With its foundation in Microsoft Excel, the Intelligence Reporting Module allows you to easily create reports, analyse data, glean insights and improve your visibility of your organisation. With these insights, you can make informed business decisions. You’ll be given a suite of report templates (over and above the payroll reports in VIP), which can be customised to suit your requirements and make for insightful and easy-to-execute reporting.


Job Costing

Allocate your labour costs to business units, departments, and even on project level with the Job Costing Module. Your employees’ time allocation and labour costs can be individually managed based on their hours spent on different projects and/or sites.


Loan Module

Record and manage any loans to staff with the Loan Module, with its built-in calculator to help you reduce risk. It calculates the maximum loan amounts that staff can afford based on their income and expenditure. The monthly loan statements also give you the option to effectively manage interest rate changes. Effectively control staff loans across different pay periods, with the loan history functionality.


Sage SkillsMap

Get direct access to Africa’s top talent with SkillsMap – a highly effective end-to-end talent recruitment and management solution to help you fill the exclusive vacancies in your company. Find ambitious and driven talent looking for exciting career prospects that a company like yours can fulfil. SkillsMap is the platform where we connect you with the best and the brightest.


Skills Development

Manage all aspects of your staff’s development plans with the Skills Development Module. Monitor planned training and attended sessions, and allocate direct and indirect training costs.


SMART (Payroll Reporting)

Convert your raw data into trends and insight information to inform your business decisions, with SMART (Solutions Manager and Reporting Tool). This tool provides a number of generic reports designed to simplify your reporting.


Skills Development

Manage all aspects of your staff’s development plans with the Skills Development Module. Monitor planned training and attended sessions, and allocate direct and indirect training costs.


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