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Odoo for Manufacturing

All-in-One Software for Managing Manufacturing Processes

Odoo for manufacturing provides a reliable solution to old problems of gauging customer behaviours and demands, quality control, MRP, PLM, maintenance, and inventory management. Reliable solution to old problems of gauging customer behaviours and demands, quality control, MRP, PLM, maintenance, and inventory management.


Why Use Odoo ERP for Manufacturing?


Odoo for Manufacturing comes with analytical tools that observe huge datasets and forecast future trends so you can plan production and distribution effectively.

Barcode Scanning

Never waste time at any level of the operation. Use Odoo’s barcode scanner to track products even if you see lots, serial numbers or unidentified products.

Inventory Management

Avoid shortages. Remove data inaccuracy. Accelerate business success. All these and more for your business with Odoo’s inventory management system.

Track Maintenance KPIs

Monitor your business performance in real-time with Odoo’s customized dashboards and dynamic reports. Make smarter business decisions.

Get More Information on Odoo ERP For Manufacturing

Odoo ERP caters for your needs in any manufacturing setting and processes as it’s specifically designed with such processes in the core functionalities that ensure all processes are captured and usable.

Odoo Apps for Manufacturing Business


Integrated with Odoo Manufacturing, Odoo Quality helps manufacturers trigger quality checks, lower manufacturing downtimes and improve team efficiencies.


Odoo Maintenance helps keep lines running smoothly as the manufacturing department can trigger maintenance requests directly from their work center control panel. Efficient communication increases overall equipment effectiveness.


Less worry about managing suppliers and purchase orders. Modern manufacturers use the integration of Odoo Manufacturing and Purchase to improve supply chain and inventory performance.

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)

PLM helps pass information with triggered alertsattach documents to central routings, and manage multiple versions of your documents.

Already Using Another System?

If you already have an ERP, you can still benefit from Odoo. It can reliably handle specific workflow and transfer appropriate data to your current ERP.

We help integrate Odoo with accounting software and other ERPs such as SAP, QuickBooks, Xero, and many more.


Which Odoo app should I install?

The apps you should install depend on your specific needs. Major Odoo apps manufacturing companies install with the Odoo Manufacturing apps are Purchase, PLM, Quality, and Maintenance.

We have existing software; will you be able to integrate it with Odoo?

Yes. Odoo can integrate with all major software. You will have access to all the data and processes you need to run your business effectively in real-time. Odoo Manufacturing can also integrate with other Odoo apps including Purchase, PLM, Maintenance, and Quality.

Can Odoo handle a specific process as we love our present ERP?

Yes. Odoo can handle a specific workflow and transfer relevant data to your preferred ERP in real-time.

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