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Setting up printing barcodes to define specific source document’s details e.g. document number and stock items in Sage 200 Evolution.


Learn how to setup and print barcodes to define specific source document’s header section details such as document number, stock items and other field values.

Consider the following practical example:

Printing barcodes on a document for specific fields is especially helpful if you need to scan these details such as document number, customer account, stock item etc. that are used in another internal stock/document control system.

For instance, you may want to control your sales order picking slips as stock is moved into and through a warehouse. It may therefore be helpful if the sales order number and individual stock items are scanned during this process. Scanning stock items is also useful to assist in the stock picking process.

Please first note:
This article assumes you have a basic understanding of navigating/working with the Report Writer (Report Builder) module to customise source document layouts.  
Apply the following steps to achieve the above outcome:
1. Insert a DBBarCode field on the header section and place it in the desired location.
2. Click on the new barcode field. On the left of the screen under the Data section, setup first the DataPipeline value e.g. plInvNum and then select the relevant DataField value e.g. OrderNum
3. Repeat the above steps for other fields that require their own separate barcode fields.
4. When done, save the changes and set the customised layout to be the default layout per agent per PC as relevant.
5. When you now print the picking slip it will display the barcode for the above configured field e.g. Order Number, which can then be scanned.
Please also note:
You can also include a barcode field for your stock items on the picking slip layout so that individual items can be scanned as part of your internal stock control system.

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