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GL Accounts of ‘All Branches’ ADJ Transaction Type Updated Processing Inventory Count for Specific Branch


Inventory: ‘GL Accounts of the ‘All Branches’/Global Adjustment (ADJ) transaction type are updated processing Inventory Count for a specific branch in Sage 200 Evolution.


You may notice that:

  • the GL accounts as linked to the ‘All Branches’/Global transaction type used for the ADJ/Inventory Count transaction type
  • are updated when processing a stock take for a specific branch
  • instead of the actual branch’s specific GL accounts used on the relevant ADJ/Inventory Count transaction type.


To resolve this query, first consider the following steps on how to recreate this matter:

1. Create a new online branch accounting (BA) company.

2. Create 3 branches: PTA, CPT and PE.

3. Log into the PTA branch.

4. Setup a PTA branch specifc transaction type for inventory adjustment and use specific PTA GL accounts.

5. Select the new transaction type on the inventory defaults screen.

6. Create a PTA specific warehouse.

7. Create PTA stock items: P1, P2, P3 and link them to the PTA warehouse.

8. Process a stock adjustment for R100 cost adjustment for all 3 items

9. Validate/evauate the results:

10. Correct GL accounts updated, all good so far.

11. Now login to All Branches

12. Go to Inventory | Transactions | Inventory Count

13. In here, select the PTA branch and click the Add button. Specify details of the inventory count.

14. Click the Edit Quantities button.

15. Enter any counted quantities below.

16. Complete the count.


If you inspect the results on posted GL accounts, you’ll notice that the global stock (Inventory Control) and adjustment accounts are updated and not the Pretoria branch stock account.

That means the All Branches ADJ transaction type is used and not the PTA branch ADJ transaction type.


Please note that Branch Accounting has been designed this way. If you login on behalf of a specific branch, as referred to in steps 10-12, and complete the inventory count, the relevant All Branches (Global) transaction type and its GL acocunts will be used and updated.

Therefore, rather consider the following advice:

  • Always login directly onto a specific branch (as opposed to follow steps 10 – 12 above).
  • It is quite acceptable, and may be according to your normal business processes, to apply steps 10 to 12 above.

This occurs when a company manager needs specific branch/s to perform an inventory count.

  • However, the final completion of the inventory count should still be performed by the local responsible branch official e.g. the local warehouse manager after the counted quantities have been entered and confirmed, as logged in directly to the local branch.
  • Finally, also ensure the access permission for the responsible agent who is creating a new inventory count session on behalf of a specific branch/s, is setup as below.

Applying the above access permission results in the ‘Complete’ button being inactive so that the agent cannot complete the inventory count on behalf of the branch, either on purpose or by mistake.

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