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How do you fix the following query: GL account transactions changed to the same transaction date after running a Purge First Year or GL Relink in Sage 200 Evolution.


This article explains why all the General Ledger account transactions’ dates to a certain point, may have been incorrectly and unexpectedly changed after running a First Year Purge or General Ledger Relink.


First note that when running the Purge First Year routine, a General Ledger (GL) Relink is automatically also executed.

A possible reason that caused the above problem may have been that the No Transactions will be allowed prior to this date option on the Common | Maintenance | Company Details screen, may have been changed in a company with existing transactions, prior to running the GL Relink.

When running the GL Relink, Evolution needs to check for, and correct GL related database inconsistencies. If it finds any GL transactions with a transaction date prior to the date mentioned above, it has to change them to this date.


The seriousness of encountering this problem is quite obvious with having incorrect historical report data as a result, if your company has any transactions prior to this date. The only way to resolve this matter would be to restore the backup that was made before the GL Relink (or Purge first year was ran), and to recapture any transactions that were processed after the GL Relink.

Finally, it is highly recommended that users should rather make use of the period blocking feature on the Company Details | Accounting Periods screen to safely prevent transactions on specific periods, instead of changing the above mentioned date. 

Note that it is even possible to block transactions to specific periods per specific agents as can be seen below.

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