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Biometric Systems

What is Biometrics?

Used as a security measure, biometrics is the measurement and statistical analysis of a person’s physical and behavioral characteristics.

The biometric technology is able to recognize a person on the basis of the unique features of their face, fingerprint, signature, DNA or iris pattern. It then imparts a secure and convenient method for authentication purposes. Verification and identification are the two ways in which an individual’s identity can be determined using biometric technology.
Verification confirms that a person is indeed who they claim to be. It performs a one-to-one comparison of the individual’s fingerprint sample with a stored reference template.

Identification, on the other hand, performs a one-to-many comparison to confirm an individual’s identity.

The identification process compares the individual’s fingerprint sample against all the reference templates stored on file. An individual is positively identified if the individual’s fingerprint image matches any of the stored templates.


Which Are Target Markets for Biometric Security Systems?

The Government

Using fingerprint recognition is an ideal biometric technology for both large and small scale government projects. Fingerprint biometrics offers a flexible, scalable and accurate digital identification solution. It can be used for various government applications such as border control, national identification cards, voter registration and passports. Fingerprint identification solutions are highly accurate and fast thereby facilitating a smooth and efficient management process.

Workforce Management Organizations

Gravity Solutions Limited offers the most recent scope of biometric time and attendance terminals from expanding prevalent face recognition, market leading fingerprint devices and the ever solid hand geometry readers. In the event that you feel your workforce would suit more conventional nearness card based advances, then we offer those as well.

Organizations can eliminate employee time theft and reduce payroll inflation by incorporating fingerprint biometrics in their time and attendance systems. Automated recording of employee’s check-in and check-out times is possible with a fingerprint attendance system. The employee needs to be actually present to clock-in at work and thus a fingerprint system eliminates the possibility of buddy punching.

Fingerprint time and attendance systems increases employee productivity and encourage accountability by creating a concrete audit trail of employee transactions. Time spent in manual reconciliation of attendance records is saved and resources can be spent on other productive tasks. It eliminates the expenses associated with producing plastic ID cards and replacement or resetting of forgotten passwords and lost cards.

Banking and Finance

Banks gain a substantial benefit by implementing fingerprint biometrics. Them  and other financial institutions need to protect customer financial data and provide safe and easy transaction for customers.

Customers can easily access services at bank branches with a fingerprint swipe and it also links each transaction to the customer. Only authorized employees can gain access to sensitive information using their fingerprint and it also creates a concrete audit trail of each transactions.

A fingerprint biometric system eliminates insider fraud and encourages accountability and government compliance. Fingerprint authentication provides an irrefutable proof of employee and customer transactions. Consequently, this  helps to save the millions of dollars that are lost each year in financial frauds.

Get More Information on Biometric Security and Other Products

The identification methods provided by Gravity Solutions’ biometric security technologies are extremely accurate therefore, they guarantee secure access to sensitive information. Modalities such as fingerprints, iris and retinal scans produce absolutely unique data sets when captured properly. 

Reach out to Gravity Solutions Limited and they’ll show you how to guarantee the full security of your organization in its entirety. 

Why Should You Purchase a FingerTec Biometric Software?

Fingertec Biometric Model ta500 From Gravity Solutions Ltd

Increases Security and Convenience

Fingerprints are almost impossible to steal, forget, lose or compromise. Hence,  fingerprint technology provides a greater degree of security and convenience as compared to other traditional authentication mechanisms. They can also be used in combination with other authentication mechanisms to provide enhanced security for a critical resource.

Fingertec Door Access System From Gravity Solutions

Enterprise Wide Applicability

Enterprise wide areas that require physical or logical access solutions can be secured with fingerprint biometrics. Fingerprint authentication is a strong and more reliable alternative to user name and password combinations that are required for logging into user’s workstations and desktop applications. Fingerprint devices can also be utilized to control physical access to buildings, safes and restricted areas within the organization.

Fingertec Access Control System From Gravity Solutions Ltd

Safeguards Individual's Privacy

When individuals are enrolled into the biometric system, only a digital representation of the fingerprint is stored as a template. The actual fingerprint is never stored or transmitted across the network that helps to maintain individual’s privacy. Users are initially enrolled into the system by capturing an image of their fingerprint with a fingerprint scanner.

Ingress Software

Fingertec Ingress Integrated Access Control Management App From Gravity Solutions Ltd

FingerTec’s Ingress is an integrated access control management application that runs on the familiar Microsoft Windows operating environment. The software is a complete solution for centralizing, managing, and monitoring door activity in FingerTec access control devices.

Bundled together with the Ingressus Controller, Ingress is an advanced, easy to use, and IT-friendly software that provides elaborate access control features such as real-time monitoring, database administration and report management. An all in a single unified system.

Ideally suited for self-managed organizations of below 100-door environment.  Ingress is also capable of seamlessly integrating its access control functions with alarm monitoring and other intrusion detection devices.


TCMS V3 is a powerful time and attendance designed based on FingerTec’s years of experience in the industry.
It’s loaded with all features of its predecessor TCMS V2. The TCMS V3 offers more amazing features on Microsoft Access and MySQL platforms.
Microsoft Access is intended for a simpler data management and straight forward installations while MySQL is designed for a much larger database management.
Fingertec TCMS-V3 Time and Attendance Control System From Gravity Solutions ltd
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